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Cyprus Company Formation РThe Benefits

The two major reasons for forming or establishing an offshore company are to protect assets and reduce taxes. For the international businessperson seeking these benefits, establishing a Cyprus company is the best choice.

When you set up a Cyprus company, your wealth is protected,  and you pay less in taxes, effectively lowering your business overhead. In fact, Cyprus has the lowest EU Corporate Income Tax, resting at the low rate of 12,5 percent.

Other Cyprus company benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • strategic location of the island
  • economic stability
  • reliable banking system
  • transparency of the tax system
  • government consistency in supporting private business
  • membership in European Union

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To structure a Cyprus company, you’ll need at least one director, at least one shareholder and a secretary. A Cyprus company must also have a registered office. Learn more about how to structure your Cyprus company by reading our article, Four Key Pillars for Structuring a Cyprus Company.

When it comes to registering a Cyprus company, you’ll need a company name, structure, a specific company purpose, and to submit due diligence documents. To learn more about how to register a Cyprus company, read our informative article, 4 Easy Steps to Register a Cyprus Company.

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