About Us

Christophi & Associates LLC

CyprusCompaniesPortal.com belongs to the law firm of Christophi & Associates LLC, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Founded in 2001, Christophi & Associates LLC is an international law firm based in Cyprus, offering corporate, consultation and litigation services.

Our trial attorneys, bringing years of experience, hold an impeccable record and reputation, and our consulting team develops successful, out-of-court strategies for your business and personal dealings.

We offer a wide array of services for our international and Cyprus clients, ranging from multinational corporations and public companies to small family businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Our core areas of specialization

  1. Company & Corporate Law
  2. Cyprus Business Establishment
  3. Bank Account Opening & Management
  4. Intellectual Property Law
  5. Real Estate Law
  6. Employment Law
  7. Family Law
  8. Administrative Law
  9. Debt Collection
  10. Internet & Technology Law
  11. Litigation Services

To learn more about Christophi & Associates LLC please visit our website www.lawyer.com.cy