How can I achieve Cyprus tax resident, non-domiciled status?


In our last article “Should I become a Cyprus tax resident, non-domiciled?” we explained the advantages, especially those related to tax benefits, for those foreign individuals that consider to become Cyprus tax resident.

In this article we go through the evidence that will need to be available in order to present to the tax authorities in Cyprus.

Essentially the tax authorities in Cyprus may require evidence showing that the foreign individual had as his domicile of origin or choice outside Cyprus for the last 20 years.

The documents that could be asked, and which are at the discretion of the tax officer examining the request, are the following:

(a) To demonstrate the domicile of origin:

  1. Birth certificate of the applicant;
  2. Birth certificate of the parents of the applicant;
  3. Documents that prove the place and period of the permanent residency of the parents of the applicant (e.g. passports, certificates of residency, employment documents at the time of birth of the applicant);
  4. Any other document(s) which can prove the domicile of origin.

(b) To demonstrate the:

  • domicile of choice;
  • period of 20 consecutive years of being non-Cypriot tax resident; and
  • period of 17 years out of the last 20 years of being non-Cypriot tax resident
  1. Certificates and/or other documents from foreign tax authorities;
  2. Certificates and/or other documents from foreign local authorities;
  3. Documents and account statements from utility service providers (telephony, electricity, etc) from foreign countries;
  4. Employment documents in foreign country and certificates of payments of social insurance contributions in that country;
  5. Documents and certificates that prove the period of residency in Cyprus as above (the above list is not exhaustive).

Official documents that need to be completed:

Τ.Φ.38 – Application form for obtaining non-dom status. This is completed along with the relevant questionnaire and submitted to the relevant tax authorities for examination.

Τ.Φ.624ΦΠ – Waiver of Special Defence Contribution deduction at source. This is provided to the institution that pays interest so as the Special Defence Contribution is not deducted.


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